100+ Popular Diwali Instagram Hashtags for Your Account

This Diwali, are you searching for Instagram hashtags?

Here is a list of Instagram hashtags you can use for posts related to Diwali. No matter if you’re posting an OOTD (outfit of the day) for Diwali or lighting off fireworks. You can increase the exposure of your account on your company or personal brand profile by using these Diwali Instagram hashtags. These hashtags can be used by brands to target Diwali festival enthusiasts and market their products to a specific audience.

Let’s use the manufacturers of tea light candles or DIY products as an example. To reach their target audience, which is active during this festival of lights, they can use Diwali hashtags. Let’s first discuss the actual Diwali festival before moving on to hashtags. Diwali is a festival of lights and good fortune. In India, the Diwali festival is observed. After spending 14 years in exile, during which time he fought and defeated demons, including Ravana, the demon king, Rama is said to have returned to his people on this day.

Let’s get started with the list of Instagram hashtags for Diwali. These hashtags have been personally curated by me and are divided into different categories.

Instagram hashtags for Diwali (under 100 average likes)










Instagram hashtags for Diwali (under 250 average likes)










Instagram hashtags for Diwali (under 500 average likes)
















Instagram hashtags for Diwali (under 1000 average likes)














Instagram hashtags for Diwali (under 2000 average likes)







#diwali (city_name)









You can use these Diwali hashtags based on how many people have liked your photos or videos. I suggest keeping track of the likes and comments you get within the first 60 to 90 minutes of posting.

As an illustration, if I post a photo and it receives 150 likes within the first hour, I can use hashtags from the following categories:

Hashtags with Top Posts Under 100 Average Likes (More)

Hashtags with Top Post Average Below 250 (A Few)

As a result, your post will be visible in the first category’s top section, attracting more likes and exposure because you are receiving more likes than the first category. Depending on the number of likes, this may or may not give you a ranking in a few hashtags from the second category as well, increasing your exposure.

You could think of this as a “snowball effect,” where lower-quality hashtags help you move up the list of popular hashtags.

These are the hashtags for Diwali on Instagram that you can use for your photos at this festival. Use hashtags in the first comment (my favorite) or in the captions.

Is it possible to use Instagram hashtags in the first comment?

If you are looking for 75+ Diwali Short Captions for Instagram: Click here

I hope you found this article helpful and were able to find the best Diwali Instagram hashtags for your Instagram account.


75+ Instagram Short Captions and WhatsApp Messages | Diwali Captions to Use for This Year’s IG Posts

Have some amazing Diwali photos but can’t think of the right words to caption them? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

There is a Diwali/Deepavali caption for every picture, whether it is of you and your family or just you. Your photos are incomplete if you don’t have the appropriate captions to go with them, regardless of whether you are taking a picture of the lovely rangoli or a selfie with the Diya. Therefore, be sure to look through this selection and select the ideal captions for your Diwali photos.

These Diwali Instagram captions are ideal for the festival of lights. Simply use them in your photos for Instagram, Facebook, or any other platform you want to share them on.

Short Instagram Captions & One Liners

Good vibes

Positive aura

Fairy lights day

Festival of lights

Subh Deepavali (can go with Hindi also)

Celebrating lights

Deepavali 2023 /Diwali 2023

Diwali Dhamaka

Subh Labh (can go with Hindi also)






Be a Rocket/Sutli bomb

Festive mood

Diwali!! Indian attire

Festive feel around

Dil wali Diwali

Diwali vibes

10/10 fairy lights

Diwali special

Gujiya >>

Dhamaka begins

Sparkle and sparkle

Diyas everywhere

The mandatory pic on Diwali (picture holding Diya )

Choose to be colorful Diya

Colors of Diwali

 Indian fest! Indian attire

Fun frolic Diwali

End of Darkness

Diwali ki Shubhkamnayein!

 Light, camera, action, happy Diwali!!

Don’t mind but